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Its 2015! Where Are All The
Black College Faculty?


Colleges and universities talk up a blue streak about their commitment to diversity, in their student bodies and faculty. But when it comes to actually hiring black faculty at most schools, the commitment doesn’t match the rhetoric.

Unsung Hero: Role model for black youths

Clinical assistant professor Natasha Watkins of Purdue University transforms her academic knowledge into practical community service.

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Book Pick

Plantation Church: How African American Religion Was Born in Caribbean Slavery

Noel Leo Erskine investigates the history of the Black Church as it developed both in the United States and the Caribbean after the arrival of enslaved Africans. Typically, when people talk about "the Black Church" they are referring to African-American churches in the U.S., but in fact, the majority of African slaves were brought to the Caribbean. It was there, Erskine argues, that the Black religious experience was born.

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What's Happening at CCC!

CCC's Newest Minor: Christian Counseling

Carolina Christian College is proud to introduce our newest minor for the fall, Christian Counseling. The Christian Counseling minor is designed to provide men and women with biblical and theological education for counseling in the local church and other ministries. The minor intends to equip students with the competency to counsel from the sufficiency and supremacy of the Bible which includes the Biblical framework model of counseling.

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CCC Celebrate Student Milestones!

William Jones

Keith Vereen

Carolina Christian College is proud to announce the new pastoral appointment of Rev. William Jones and Rev. Keith Vereen!

Both Jones and Vereen are recent graduates of our Masters or Religious Education programs and have made an incredible impact in their communities, and are examples of our motto, "Preparing Real People for Real Ministry in a Real World".

Rev. Williams Jones was installed as pastor of Holy Trinity United Holy Church in Siler City, NC on October 18, 2015.

Rev. Keith Vereen was installed as pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Kernersville, NC on November 7, 2015. Congratulations and continue to push the gospel message of Christ!