Class Attendance Policies

The privilege of being a student at Carolina Christian College is the result of the sacrifice of many people. The student is expected to be a good steward of this opportunity, which includes regular attendance at all class sessions. The following policy applies to all classes:

  • There are no class "cuts".
  • Excuse of absence is at the discretion of the professor and the Disciplinary Committee.
  • The professor is permitted to make any assignment of makeup work or penalty for work not submitted.
  • When a student has missed as many class sessions as that class meets per week, he is required to meet with his advisor and discuss the problem.
  • When the student has missed the number of class sessions that equals two weeks of classes, he is required to meet with the Disciplinary Committee. That committee may take any action it sees as appropriate up to and including suspension. A student is tardy if he enters the class late or leaves before the class is dismissed.
  • Three tardies equal one absence.

Accelerated Program Attendance Policy

The student is required to attend all class sessions because of the importance of the collaborative learning atmosphere. It is recognized that from time to time the students will have to miss a class session because of such matters as illness, court appearance, job requirement, important church involvement or a serious family matter. In the event that a student knows in advance that he/she will be absent, because of an extenuating circumstance, the student must seek to arrange an alternative assignment with the instructor of the modular course. The instructor, at his/her discretion, may be willing to give an alternative assignment that will take a minimum of four hours to complete. The grade for that assignment will then become the class participation grade for the class session that the student has not attended. By missing class, and not completing a makeup assignment, the student will lose the grade for class participation.

  • A student is considered tardy if he/she arrives more than one half hour late for class or leaves earlier than one half hour before the end of class.
  • Such a tardy or early class departure is considered a one third (1/3) absence.
  • Three times of such tardiness/departure will equal one class absence.