Welcome From The President and Faculty

Dr. LaTanya Tyson

Carolina Christian College and I invite you to turn the end of your day into the beginning of your future.  You might ask how this can be done, and I would simply say by the hands of God almighty. God has bestowed numerous talents and gifts upon the faculty of CCC, and it is our desire to welcome you into the next chapter of your life by sharing our gifts and talents with you to ensure you fulfill your God-given ministry.

CCC promotes mission, integrity, and scholarship through the programs offered which, in turn, lead our students into prosperous lives.  Our students continue their callings into international missions, local pastoral ministries, and further service to the kingdom in leadership roles within their local churches.  Our alumni often return to bestow knowledge and encouragement to our current students because they have seen the results of adequate preparation for Real ministry.

Our teachers open doors to a wider, more effective ministry.  We help many people like you fit the study of God's WORD into their busy lives.   We have some of the best professors and some of the most satisfied students in the Triad area. So if you're thinking about your future or if you are currently affiliated with CCC, I welcome you to further your spiritual connection through academic preparation as we all build up the Kingdom.

“Education is the foundation of success”

President Tyson & Faculty