Carolina Christian College Application

We welcome you to apply to Carolina Christian College.


  1. A completed Application Form, accompanied by the $50.00 application fee, should be sent to the College. This form is available from the Admissions Office.
  2. Two (2) personal letters of recommendation should be submitted with the completed Application Form. (Undergraduate)
  3. A resume of your work history must be submittted with the completed application form for the graduate level degree. (Graduate)
  4. Official transcripts of all credits earned in high school and/or in any schools of higher learning (Junior College, College, or University) must be sent to the Registrar as soon as possible after the time of application.
  5. For admission a high school diploma or its equivalent is required. The G.E.D. examination is locally available.
  6. The admission-testing program must be completed before the end of the first semester. Admission tests are administered by Carolina Christian College.
  7. All admission requirements must be completed before the student can earn more than 15 credit hours (Undergraduate) and 9 credit hours (Graduate) applicable toward a degree.

You can download the application and complete it by hand PRINT it, sign it, and postal mail it to CCC.

Carolina Christian College
PO Box 777
Winston-Salem, NC 27102