Registration at Carolina Christian College

Each student receives personal attention in planning a course of study. Generally 12 credit hours per semester are considered a normal load. Full time for AMP program is 9 credit hours. More than 15 hours may be carried only by special written permission from the Academic Dean.

Each student must be registered before attending classes. The tuition and other fees are payable in advance unless prior arrangements have been made. Each student by the act of registration assumes the liability for the payment of all charges for the semester.

The following are steps required of all students for registration at Carolina Christian College:.

  • Consult with Advisor.
  • Select classes via Carolina Connections.
  • Receive required booklist from Advisor. (Accelerated classes provide students with their textbooks.)
  • The Advisor will provide the enrollment form.
  • Tuition and fees will be paid at this time (unless financial aid has been awarded).