Student Services at Carolina Christian College

A Bible college education is specialized. Just as an aspiring physician enrolls in medical school and a prospective engineer attends engineering college, those who desire to serve in the cause of Christ and the Church naturally enroll in a Bible college. A Bible college is concerned with offering a course of study that will equip its students for Christian life-style and leadership. A Bible college does not compete with state-supported or private secular schools by duplicating their programs.

Bible College graduates are in demand by the Church, the educational community, and the business world because they are known to have the special qualities of education, integrity, and industry that are needed by all. Acceptance of secular work by a Bible College graduate does not necessarily mean "leaving the ministry." Often it is a means of opening up greater opportunities for Christian witness, since self-supported Christian workers are able to pioneer new fields for Christ and His Church.

Should you go to a Bible college? Let the Lord lead you to the correct answer to that question, but remember that if He accelerated you into Christian service, your best possible preparation will be in a college, which specializes in education and training people for the Lord's work. If a secular profession is your calling, there is a great value in obtaining a foundation in Bible and Christian service before pursuing your chosen vocation. In either case, Carolina Christian College is a good educational investment.

Carolina Christian College prepares its graduates for unlimited opportunities to serve in a variety of Christian leadership fields, both nationally and internationally. Carolina Christian College is a non-denominational college with an evangelistic thrust in its curriculum. We serve the student in preparation of producing another solider to send to the battlefield and win more souls to Christ.


It is the mission of Carolina Christian College to provide Biblically based academic programs that prepare men and women of all races for ministry and community service with a focus on the African-American community. Out of our mission statement, we have three objectives:

  1. Authentic Christian life and experience.
  2. Familiarity with and interest in evangelizing all people.
  3. Serving with competence in one or more spheres of Christian service.

The Christian service program allows students to participate actively in successfully achieving all three of these stated objectives. Christian service is more than an assignment for a grade; it is done for the glory of God. All of our students are encouraged to participate in twenty hours of Christian service every semester they are enrolled in classes.