Tuition and Fees at Carolina Christian College

Carolina Christian College is supported by the contributions of congregations and individuals from around the United States which enables us to offer certain financial aid to deserving students to help cover costs of tuition and fees. Without their generous support it would be impossible for the College to provide students with quality ministerial education. The cost that the student pays is approximately 25% of the total cost of real tuition and fees.

Carolina Christian College does not want to turn students away because they lack funds and need financial aid to cover educational costs. However, the College has only limited scholarship funds available, and it expects the student to do everything possible to provide for his/her needs before requesting special assistance. Although most of our students work to secure funds to finance their education, we assist those who may have special needs. Each student is expected to assume his financial obligations in a conscientious manner.

Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of the semester. All tuition for part-time students must be paid at registration. Deferred payments may be arranged for full-time students with a minimum of 10% paid at registration and the balance in monthly installments. Athletic student housing is secured by a non-refundable deposit and your room selection each year.  Housing units are not guaranteed and are assigned on first come, first serve basis and should be confirmed with the Dean of Students (  Click Here to complete your Room Request.

No final examination may be taken until accounts are made current. No degree or diploma will be granted or transcript issued until all financial obligations have been satisfactorily discharged.

Current Administrative Fees
NOTE:All Administrative Fees are Non-refundable
Application Fee (one time and non-refundable) $50.00
Meal Plan $1000.00
Health Care Plan $200.00
Facility Fee $80.00
Registration Fee (per semester) $105.00
Administrative Registration $200.00
Late Registration Fee $60.00
Orientation fee $100.00
Student Fees (per semester) $720.00
Student Services $85.00
Drop/Add Fee (per class) $30.00
Late Exam Fee $30.00
Transcript Fee $8.00
Return/Change Title IV $200.00
Connect/Email Password Recovery (per occurrence) $25.00
Student ID $5.00
Reinstatement Fee $200.00
Audit/Certificate per class $65.00
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $250.00
Graduation Fee (Graduate) $350.00
Late Graduation Fee (both programs) $50.00
Technology $250.00
Library Fees $200.00


Student Tuition Cost

Audit/Certificate per class $65.00
Undergraduate Program Tuition
(Books included in tuition bundle) $0
Full Time Tuition (per semester) $3990.00
Student Fees (per semester) $720.00
Graduate Program Tuition
Books (average per semester) $400.00
Full Time Tuition (per semester) $5000.00
Student Fees (per semester) $720.00


Housing Fees

NOTE: All Housing Fees Non-Refundable

Housing Deposit (per year) $300.00
Centurion Hall - Single Occupancy (per semester) $3300.00
Centurion Hall - Double Occupancy (per semester) $2200.00
Young Hall - Single Occupancy (per semester) $3300.00
Young Hall - Double Occupancy (per semester) $2200.00
Anderson Hall - Single Occupancy (per semester) $4300.00
Tyson Hall - Single Occupancy (per semester) $3300.00
Tyson Hall - Double Occupancy (per semester) $2200.00
Peter's Hall - Double Occupancy (per semester) $3300.00
Peter's Hall - Single Occupancy (per semester) $4300.00
Tyrell Hall - Double Occupancy (per semester) $2200.00
Cleaning Fee (per occurrence) $200.00
Key Replacement (per occurrence) $5.00

See Student Handbook for other fees related to student housing