Womens soccer is coming…

Carolina Christian College is making the first steps toward creating a collegiate Women’s soccer  team. We are now taking applications for the first full season to begin Fall 2024. All interested parties should contact our head football coach Matt Kelly 336-289-3903

Mens soccer is here

Fall 2023 Carolina Christian College is proud of our inaugural Men’s soccer  collegiate soccer as part of our athletic program. We are now taking applications for the summer/fall start. All interested parties should contact our coach
Matt Kelly 336-289-3903
matt.kelly@carolina.edu. Read more.

Carolina Christian College Basketball

Carolina Christian College introduced the Centurions Men’s Basketball Team in 2017. Since then, CCC had debuted the Centurion Women and Junior Varsity Men’s Teams. The Centurions compete at the highest level in academics and athletics. We recruit students from all over the country and are purposeful to not only create amazing athletes but amazing people.


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