Chief Financial Officer


  • To meet the accounting, financial, personnel, and purchasing needs of the college system
  • To provide leadership in the coordination, development, and improvement of fiscal well-being of the school system


JOB STATUS:         Exempt

REPORTS TO:        President

 SUPERVISES:       All employees assigned to the Finance Department


  1. Must (at a minimum) hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a concentration in a business-related curriculum (accounting, finance, business administration, etc.) including at least 9 semester hours in accounting (or) hold a MBA or other graduate degree in a business related- field from a regionally accredited institution (or) is a certified public accountant (or) hold a bachelor’s degree in a concentration other than a business-related curriculum but has at least 24 semester hours of business-related courses
  2. Certified Public Accountant (preferred)
  3. Three years’ experience in a business-related field (minimum)
  4. Knowledge and experience in higher education finance


  1.  Knowledge of accounting laws, policies, rules, and regulations
  2. Knowledge of tax laws, reforms, and regulations which impact employee benefits, tax forms, and related concerns.
  3. Knowledge of business techniques and computers at a level required to implement and maintain automated financial systems, specifically QuickBooks for Non-profits
  4. Ability to supervise and evaluate personnel assigned to the area of business and finance
  5. Ability to communicate effectively in written and verbal form
  6. Knowledge and familiarity with GAAP standards and Department of Education reporting standards


  1.  Maintain an accounting system and payroll in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and governmental accounting standards
  2. Verify and approve the receipt of all funds to the President that may be entitled by law or which may come into their possession for school purposes
  3. Verify the payment of such funds, such payments to occur only on written order of the President
  4. Keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures, and provide such information to the President
  5. Post the annual school budget and monthly financial reports, in the form required by law.
  6. Maintain an adequate system of internal controls including property and inventory accounting
  7. Maintain a sound system of cash management (maintain one month’s cash reserves)
  8. Maintain a system of contracting and purchasing procedures
  9. Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget and any amendments with departments
  10.  Carry out assigned responsibilities in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and applicable rules and regulations
  11. Serve as network administrator for accounting software
  12. Supervise and evaluate all personnel assigned to business and financial operations


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:       Negotiable


EVALUATION: The evaluation of the Chief Financial Officer’s job performance will be determined by the President.

Please submit a cover letter, resume which includes references, and a transcript or Certified Public Account Certification. Submit all applications by the deadline to Carolina Christian College Search Committee via email at:


If you have questions or need additional information, please email: