It is the mission of Carolina Christian College to provide Biblically based academic programs that prepare men and women of all races for ministry and community service with a focus on the African-American community.


The First Graduating Class of Carolina Christian College

The First Graduating Class of Carolina Christian College

In 1945, two dynamic, progressive-thinking evangelists, one black and the other white, embarked on an historical journey that birthed Carolina Christian College. Dr. R. L. Peters, an innovative black evangelist from the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, and J. W. West, a well known evangelist of the Appalachian Mountains, agreed together to begin a training school for black men and rural whites that aspired to leadership in Christian ministry but did not have access to quality education in this field. Dr. Peters led the training and equipping work, and Reverend West raised the finances. Thus was born, in a store-front building on Wheeler Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a school known at the time as The Christian Institute then later Winston-Salem Bible College. This fledgling school facilitated the education of both black and white and male and female students in integrated classrooms during the turbulent days prior to the modern “Civil Rights Movement”. Dr. Peters vision and desire to help the hurting and disenfranchised in our community also propelled him to start a mattress factory as his “tent ministry” employing the disabled. This business/ministry later became the “Industries for the Blind” in Winston-Salem.

In May of 2007, the College’s Board of Directors renamed the college “Carolina Christian College“, better reflecting the impact of the school.

For more than seven decades, Carolina Christian College has been training Christian Leaders that are having a positive impact in their communities. These well-trained leaders positively influence communities and nations around the world; leading and planting churches, taking active leadership roles in private and government sectors and the business community.

The College has developed a special emphasis on leadership and ministry. This focus is a natural outgrowth of the historical mission of educating African-Americans for leadership and ministry. Carolina Christian College has equipped and educated students from many foreign nations. Throughout its history, many of the College alumni have served in cities across the United States and around the world. We are working to furnish the kind of leadership that can bridge the communication gap that exists between people of different cultures locally and around the world. CCC offers a unique opportunity for African American, Caucasian, and students of all races interested in Urban Ministry. Our proactive interracial environment provides a social and educational experience that enables our students to become successful leaders in the community with a Biblical worldview.

Carolina Christian College continues to fulfill the vision of its founders. The student body reflects the community that it serves with black and white, male and female students. The heart of Carolina Christian College is expressed in our motto “Preparing real people for real ministry in a real world.”