Student Handbook


This handbook has been compiled for you – the student. It is designed to anticipate your questions and needs as a new member of the Carolina Christian College family and to make you aware of regulations that affect your college life.

The rules contained in it are necessary. Some are required government regulations, some are required academic matters, and some are simply expedient to an orderly, Christian environment.

You, as a student of CCC, are responsible for knowing the regulations that may affect you in various situations as you progress through your years of education.

If you have questions that are not answered in this booklet, and you think they should be, submit them to your faculty advisor.

Honor System


Carolina Christian College uses the Bible as its chief textbook.  As the all-sufficient guide for faith and conduct, the Bible is taught as fundamental to its community’s worldview. The College provides an educational environment where its students pursue academic goals and at the same time develop a Christ-like character. This can best be accomplished when all students feel a sincere responsibility for their own integrity, the welfare of each other and for the group as a whole. “But you, man of God… pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness…” 1 Tim 6:11

The College has established the Honor System with the conviction that these standards and regulations will enhance its academic goals, ensure the safety of its community and property as well as preserve the general reputation of its students and the integrity of the College. The Honor System establishes a code of conduct compatible with a Christian lifestyle and establishes important core values of personal integrity and accountability to the community. It sets the standard for behavior, particularly in regard to academic pursuits.

The Honor System, outlining the rules and regulations and standards of conduct, is described in the Student Handbook which is given to each student upon enrollment. The Honor Council in conjunction with the faculty may revise these standards as needed.