Carolina Christian College releases new commercial starring your Carolina Centurions basketball team. Filmed in conjunction with WXII News and shot on location at William White YMCA, the Centurions and Dr. LaTanya Tyson created a great commercial.

The commercial should begin rotation on WXII channel 12 in June for the fall enrollment push. ” We really had a ball shooting this commercial! The basketball team was a dream to work with and they made me look good.” Stated Dr. Tyson. The commercial ends with an outstanding over the shoulder shot made by our President. There is some speculation if she really made the shot. You be the judge (Watch the video to the end)

Carolina Christian College is expanding the athletic program this fall with the addition of a women’s basketball team and a JV men’s squad. The hope is to offer young men and women an opportunity to earn a ministry degree at the triads premier biblical institution while expanding their athletic career. Carolina Christian College athletic department is lead by Coach Tony Spates, a graduate of Northwestern University and brings a wealth of experience and passion to the athletic programs.

Carolina Christian College will hold open try-outs for the men’s basketball team on April 7, 2018, from 10a-2pm at the William White YMCA. The tryouts are open to any eligible player looking to enroll at Carolina Christian College and participate in the basketball program.