Reflections of the President

Now that the fall term has begun, I have carved out some time to glean insight into the role of president and biblical higher education leader. Dr. W. Ray Kelley (past president, 1986-2001) stopped by to tour the campus and pray over the new addition to CCC’s student lounge (The Huddle).  When we reflect on the many struggles and accomplishments that CCC has endured in its 77-year history, both he and I are reassured that the hand of God continues to hold us up and provide a beacon of light for our community and the worldDr. Kelley, and his wife Sandra, and I walked the halls and shared stories of leading and guiding students over the years.  Even though our administrations are separated by a decade, Dr. Kelly and I reveal in the stories of the joy of the Lord and shared in the challenges of leadership. We both agreed that the challenge is always continuous, but God always has a plan. Dr. Kelley and I both served the institution during a major transition in its physical location and a shift in the donor base.  As Dr. Kelley prayed for me and the staff he said, “I pray for the peace of God in the midst of transition.”

This statement brought to my mind Matthew 20:17-19. Jesus was preparing for the greatest transition in history and the process would be more challenging than anything we could ever imagine. Yet his first step toward this transition was to gather his closest supporters. Verse 17 says that Jesus took the twelve aside and spoke to them. Today the word I am speaking to the faculty, staff, and to you the constituents of CCC is “Converge”. To converge means people or things from many different places and locations to meet at one point for a common goal. Christianity and biblical higher education are in the midst of transition and just like Jesus and the disciples it is time for us to come together and converge for a common goal. Transition and change are not always welcomed, nor easy but if we turn towards God in all aspects of our lives, and work together as one God will honor that labor of the faithful.

I continued to reflect on the wonderful visit of Dr. Kelley and the revelation that God had given me as the days continued to pass. But as God knows, we are human and in a weak flesh and the worries and doubt began to rise. But God continued to reinforce that word “Converge” in my heart. God then sent Dr. Philip Dearborn, President of the Association of Biblical Higher Education on an unexpected visit to share with us his confidence and solidarity with our mission. Dr. Dearborn’s prayer gave us confirmation that God is in control and His way and time are perfect if we just hold on to God’s unchanging hand.

So today I am asking all the Carolina Christian College family to converge and join us as ministry partners. You can support physically by visiting the campus and giving words of encouragement to the students, staff, and faculty, or you can volunteer. You can support spiritually by praying for the ministry that God will continue opening doors of opportunity. Finally, you can support financially by a monthly donation of $19.45 or yearly donation of $1,945.