Undergraduate 2021

Spring Schedule

Summer Registration Deadline Current Student: Feb 26
New Student Orientation: January 2
MLK Holiday: January 18
Fall Registration Open: Feb 26
Late Registration After: March 5
Spring Break: March 1 thru March 5
Easter Holiday: April 5
Graduation: May 8


1st Session January 4 to February 26

Course Code  Course Name  Professor 
HI 101  World History 1  Taylor 
PS 202  Human Development  Harrison 
ML 402  Strategic Planning  K. Stennett 
MA 306  Race & Ethnic Relations  Thorpe 
BI 100  Bible College Success Seminar  P. Stennett 
EN 151  English Composition I  Jones 
BI 305  Epistles of Grace  Peltz 
EN 201  Oral Communication  P. Stennett 
BI 301  Acts of the Apostles  Johnson 
MA 400  Millennial Church Evangelism  Wood 
CO 301  Christian Counseling  Bowers 
PR 312  Womanism in the Pulpit  Johnson 
BI 253  World Religion  Johnson 

2nd Session March 8 to April 30

Course Code  Course Name  Professor 
NFP 213  Social Media in the Church  Roundtree 
MA 102  Ministry to Study Skills  Jones 
BI 251  Epistles of Church Problems  Peltz 
HI 102  World History 2  Taylor 
BI 130  Biblical Interpretation in Hip Hop Culture  Tyson 
CO 302  Marriage & Family  Bowers 
PR 412  Preaching Seminar  Tyson 
BI 353  Pastoral Epistles  Peltz 
NFP 205   Nonprofit Management  Stennett 
MA 105  Church Polity  Cartagena 
CO 306  Sexuality & Counseling  Thorpe 
BI 201   Life & Ministry of Jesus  Cartagena 
BI 101  Old Testament Survey  Peltz 
CO 402  Cross-Cultural Counseling Leadership Elective  Thorpe 
PMIN 3313  Small Group Ministry    DCC Faculty