Carolina Christian College was recognized by the Christian Ministry Education Organization as one of “The Most Affordable Online and Campus-Based Christian Bachelor’s Degree Programs in America 2022.”  The organization analyzed institutions of higher education and limited their review to schools that hold standard institutional accreditation from an organization recognized by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and the Department of Education. That means every single school on this list has been weighed and found to offer a college education that is worthy of the name. There are no schools here that get their low costs through short-cuts or shady deals. Graduating from any of them will mean coming away with a well-respected Christian bachelor’s degree. a lot of information here to help you nail down your selection. For every school, we include:

*   Total cost and cost per credit breakdowns, including your cost savings as compared to the average in each state
*   A list of available concentrations for each major
*   The degree class format, whether online or on-campus, or a bit of both as is the case with hybrid programs
*   All other Christian degrees offered through the institution, including advanced master’s programs