Fall Registration Deadline Current Student: May 8th

Late Registration for Current Students: May 9th

New Student Orientation Aug. 13th

Labor Day Holiday: Sept 5th

Spring Registration Open: Oct 3

Thanksgiving Break: Nov 23rd thru Nov 25th

Fall 2022

Course Code Course Name Professor Day/Time Room


BI 501 Old Testament Survey Thorpe 1st Fall Classes


GE 600 Graduating Writing Seminar Taylor    
CE 531 Educational Psychology Thorpe   Online
HI 501 Church History Tyson   Online
CE 599 Christian Education Seminar Thorpe   Online
HI 502 Church History Tyson 2nd Fall Classes

10/10/2022 -11/14/2022

BI 503 New Testament Survey Tyson   Online
CE 521 Philosophy of Christian School Education Thorpe   Online
ML 501 Dynamics of Christian Leadership Thorpe   Online
PC 599 Pastoral Care Seminar Thorpe 3rd Fall Classes


CE 541 Communication of Biblical Truths Thorpe   Online
BI 505 Biblical Theology Tyson   Online
CE 513 Curriculum Development Thorpe Thorpe Online
PC 501 Spiritual and Pastoral Care Tyson Thorpe Online

Fall 2022 Doctoral Program

LS 761 Preaching with Power: Textual Integrity Motivating Tyson 08/22/2022-


GE 704 Dissertation/Doctoral Project Tyson  
LS 750 Spiritual Disciplines for Servant Leadership Lindsey  
LS 762 Revitalizing God’s People Lindsey  
GE 701 Dissertation/Doctoral Project Tyson